As much as we love the happy & cheerful times, the periods where it’s like we can do no wrong. Perhaps we have started a new job, a new partner and enjoying the intoxicating early stages of this romance. Perhaps you just feel damn good, you know, like right now the universe has your back. But as we grow, we also outgrow what we have become. Then our social circle, our surroundings, our beliefs and our purpose changes, this much is a given.
And then sometimes things have to get real nasty for them to get good again don’t they? When it seems life is intent on taking you all 12 rounds.

I co-wrote a book this year ‘The Journey Of Riches, The Gift in Challenge’, in it I detailed what I learned from a period in my life where I was down on my knees & not sure if I had the strength to get up again. But right in this, in a rare moment of clarity, like a true gift from a higher place, I realised I had been given an opportunity to start a new chapter. Right then I knew I was going to go through it to get to it. However, I needed to know what ‘it’ was. What was I going to get to, what did it look like, how did it feel & who did I need to be to have it?

As crazy as it seemed I intuitively knew that at that moment I could decide who I wanted to be. I could design myself & how my world looked. I call this tool ‘Life by Design’ and use this very tool when working with my clients.
A Life by Design is just that – right now lets design how it looks, feels & works for you. Who would have thought that at any time you could leave those pain points behind, the groundhog feeling among the system & that nagging feeling that there just must be more. Well, your intuition is right & there’s no reason why you can’t have it. Actually, you were born with the right to have it. It’s just that somewhere along the line you were told you couldn’t.

Firstly let’s create what that perfect life looks like; what are you doing with your day? Where are you & what is happening each day? What’s your home look like, or perhaps you don’t have a home & live a laptop lifestyle? What does it feel like to have this, what mood are you in when you wake, who with? How many thread count are your sheets? Ok that last point might be just me, but this detail is important. If you want this life to become reality life needs to know or how else can she deliver?

Then, this is where it gets exciting – who do you need to be to have this?

What are the character traits, the beliefs, the values, the habits the person you need to be has in order to have this? For example, what time do you get up? How positive and decisive are you? Do you drink less? Do you catch yourself making excuses? Are you seeing where I’m going with this? Do you turn social media off & block times out to write or work uninterrupted?

Write these down & each day hold yourself accountable to be this new you. Read these every few hours’; every day until each thing you have written down is now the every day you and then you add new ones as required. Become this person & without doubt you’re current life will change…it has to.

Now tell me that is not exciting, that you can create the person you want to be whenever you have had enough of the current one?