It’s time to turn Good into Great. So what is that for me?

In the early stages of the Presenter’s Journey, we start off at the point where just getting off the couch and having the confidence to shoot something, or talk to a room of people is worth a decent pat on the back.  You just make that decision to get up, stop procrastinating and do it! Without taking anything away from this courageous beginning…there then needs to be a progressive journey.

There is a point when ‘just doing it’ isn’t good enough anymore. Where you actually start doing this with an intention in mind, more sales, leads, shifting perspectives, shifting hearts and hearts or holding the floor with a powerful story.  There is a point where just being good is not good enough.

I sometimes do ask specific people, subtly, if they’re doing video or doing Live talks and perhaps I can help, to which they generally say ‘No thanks, I’m already doing it’.

Hmmmm, yes I noticed and that’s why I’m here speaking to you.  Set that bar higher….let’s get GREAT. Let’s take you through the gears of the Presenters Journey.

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If you’re doing this already and you have been for a while, then it’s time, It’s time to turn good into great, because, being GREAT IS NOW YOUR EDGE! It’s not enough to still be happy to be giving yourself that pat on the back at the end of the day for doing a video, or for people to clap just because you were brave and got up and spoke in front of a crowed of people. You have made this medium part of your job; you know the value of this tool…so it’s time to do it properly.  There is a saturation of AVERAGE in the market already, so separate you from the rest by being GREAT!

There has to be a point; where we start aiming to turn Good into Great!

You know it I’m talking to you right now, you will be resonating with this.  Is it time for youto take on the role and responsibility of being a Story Teller? The Real Deal Story Teller!

What does being a Storyteller mean? 

You have the power to shift the hearts and minds of an audience you’re speaking to. Just think about that for a second,what a POWERFUL gift that is!

You can shift the hearts and minds of the people long after they have left. They still feel attached to you emotionally. You have moved them with colorful words; tones, your message and you’ve done it with the beauty of a conductor leading an orchestra.

So let’s turn Good into Great!  The most rewarding things is, when you start becoming great, not only do you start engaging people more and you have the confidence to engage people from the beginning, right to the end of an awesome journey, but you actually get to enjoy it.

Just like if we start a new sport, going to gym, or playing an instrument, when we start to get good at it, It’s so much easier and rewarding for you because you begin to PLAY. And when it is rewarding for you, do you think that translates into the joy of your audience, you bet it does.

GOOD is not enough anymore; It’s time to be GREAT.

It’s time to shift hearts and minds, it’s time to take your audience on a journey, it’s time to make more sales, and it’s time to get more leads and its time to be awesome.

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Andrew Eggelton

Andrew Eggelton