Over the journey of a 8-week course, I’ll personally take you through the levels of The Presenter’s Journey, using The 6 Key Elements of Powerful Presenting.

Using a nurturing coaching style of which is now familiar with The HeART of Presenting Workshops


To deliver unique, world class coaching that gets beginners started, gives presenters an edge & turns those already good into great.

What are the benefits for you in this 8-week program?


‘I DO NOT use a cookie cutter approach, each individual is treated like a unique piece of art’


The Presenters Journey was designed so I can identify where someone is in his or her craft and work with them to take them to the next levels.

I don’t push people out of their comfort zone; I nurture them out of their comfort zone using 24 years of experience and a gift to be able to identify blocks or give them tools to move forward, allowing them to feel safe and confident in their approach.

From lacking CONFIDENCE to looking for CLARITY & CONNECTION, The Presenters Journey 8-Week Program will have you working through the gears, enabling you to create usable content as we go and find your unique voice.

For clarity, we will specifically work through 6 Key Elements of Powerful Presenting. Using these elements each individual will go on a journey, finding themselves improving with every task and weekly calls with me.
I will personally help you work through your set task by leading from the front, using tailored, unique, honest feedback and then setting you up for the next part of the process. I DO NOT use a cookie cutter approach, each individual is treated like a unique piece of art.

Whether it’s one on one, or a group, each individual will work at their own pace and ability. The art of my presenting coaching is ensuring you understand the WHY you’re learning each element, that it’s being applied to your Presenting & the effect you’re having on your audience.

The diagram below of the 6 Key Elements represents a range of new skills that effectively transforms your Presenting.


From our weekly ZOOM Live Calls, each person will be given a unique task, specific to their needs, to prepare and upload so I can view and create feedback for improvement. Video content and worksheets will be downloadable from the Private FB page accordingly, working towards creating content which can be re puposed for your personal & business needs.

With improvement comes opportunities, so as these happen we can also work on these throughout this 8-week period. Perhaps it’s a speaking Gig, or it may even be creating a video for a special offer or to front your website.

I also offer free access to a Private FB Group for ongoing support and a personal guarantee of improvement when following ‘The Presenters Journey’.

Week 1

Welcome / Introduction & your Audience (inc understanding & speaking directly to them). Audience (inc understanding emotional cues).

Week 2

Key Message (inc clarity and call to action)

Week 3

Story Telling (inc creating a story that works for your audience)

Week 4

Story Telling (inc pacing, your responsibility & nourishing your words)

Week 5

Mindset (inc being game ready & owning what you do)

Week 6

Voice (your most powerful tool as a Story Teller)

Week 7

Voice (inc gear shifts, colour, peaks & troughs)

Week 8

X – Factor (Authenticity & Vulnerability. All the little things that make the BIG thing).


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Andrew relates so well to the different personalities and characters within the workshop space. He’s very quick to make everyone feel comfortable and at ease. Whether you’re completely new to speaking or relatively comfortable, I would highly recommend Andrew to help you step up a notch and improve. His ability to read where you’re at and offer some implementable advice is fabulous.

Kristy Bonner

Co-Founder of Smart Chicks Global PL

One of the biggest challenges we can experience when there is camera in front of us is being natural and not shaking like a leaf as we feel like the world is judging us on how badly we may or may not perform while sharing our story. Another challenge is remembering what to share as our nerves seem to block any memory of any form of script that may have been there before that dreaded camera showed up. Without any doubt, with all the support I provided as I guide others to create amazing videos as part of the iLAB program for entrepreneurs, all this has now turned from a challenge to absolute fun through the guidance and coaching from Andrew Eagleton. His style and ability to coach even those that I questioned would stand up and deliver from their heart, is beyond extraordinary. There is not one person that cannot be a shinning star while delivering once they have been through Andrew’s coaching and training. I cannot brag about him enough as he has certainly made my life easier as a Global Lead Facilitator of one of the Worlds top entrepreneurial programs. You rock Andrew Eggelton!

Terri Billington

iLAB Global Lead Facilitator

Andrew’s workshop was wonderful. Before going to the workshop I could speak well in particular situations, but always felt nervous and would totally freeze up speaking in front of a camera. The workshop delivered a perfect mix of clear professional advice from Andrew’s years in front of the camera, personal coaching and opportunity to practice. The workshop really boosted my confidence and ability in all kinds of speaking situations. Since the workshop, I’ve been had the confidence to pitch myself as a speaker to paid opportunities and to media. I highly recommend Andrew as a coach.

Isaiah McKimmie

Relationship Therapist & Sexologist

Andrew’s real gift is the ability to see people for their worth, value & potential & is an absolute natural at bringing out the best in people. On the outside, it seemed that it was all about ‘Presenting’ but on a deeper level it was a lot more about being ‘Present’. With Andrew’s unique and heart felt guidance this was pleasantly discovered. The workshop created a down to earth & engaging journey that offered much more value than what was originally expected. The clarity, business building & friendships taken from the day has also been a blessing. I cannot recommend Andrew enough. Thank you!

Florida Todorovski

Founder of Healing Networks