The Play Room is where you’ll learn how to be the person you need to be to have the life you’ve always desired using a unique, ongoing personal design practice called ‘Life By Design’

The space where you’ll discover the process of what’s in-between point A & B. If your going through the motions in life and would like to make life work for you instead, if you’re harboring a nagging feeling that things should be different, where you have big ideas but instead you’re going around in a hamster wheel and the only thing that keeps changing is the amount of candles on your Birthday day cake. These things can be laid to rest, because I know what that is…it’s your heart whispering to you and it’s telling you there is another way, you have been right all along & you are allowed it all.

And if that wasn’t enough it’s also where Entrepreneurs, Public Speakers and TV Presenters can completely up their game into new exciting levels and, here is the key…just like a child lost in their own imagination, they learn to thoroughly enjoy the process through tools and a sense of play.

listen in Artists & Entrepreneurs alike, guess what, at some stage you started taking life too serious and at some stage that inner child started to die just like that plant you never water because you’re a plant killer too. And at some stage you become so focused on being ‘successful’ you forgot that you simply forgot to play!

Let me tell you what I think success is

You see if you are doing something every day to play, to nurture the inner child, to be curious and fill that cup of joy back up, do you think it will overflow into making others feel good around you? Do you think your clients will pick up on it? What about your family & friends, in fact forget the old friends, let’s talk future new friends? You see, sometimes we don’t even choose the best to work with do we. We choose the person who we want to be around that brings joy into our lives. Now, imagine if you were the best & you brought joy to peoples lives too? Now, that is true success! Success is turning up for yourself every day doing what you desire to do that allows you to share passion, purpose and your gifts with others and have positive impact on this earth.