‘The art of connection is shifting your Presenting from your head to your heart’

It’s my observation that once someone experiences this raw vulnerability, to truly feel each word as it leaves their lips, to feel and trust the true connection to their audience, then they will never be able to go back to the way they worked before.

When you learn to trust the feeling of Presenting and not rely on technical, you will reach & connect with the right people every time.

We don’t connect with tricks & tools, these technical aspects are the layers we can place on the foundation, which is our Presenters Hearts, Brains and Intuition aligned.

We become comfortable with removing the masks which only weigh us down or teach us to ‘perform’ in front of the Camera or Audience. These masks merely create a barrier between you & your ideal audience. These blocks are the very thing that create the pressure to ‘feel’ it before we do it.

But when we Present from our heart, the feeling is always there, because there is no separation between who you are now and who you are in front of a camera or audience. You simply show up, and you, right there, in that moment, are perfect.

With over 24 years in this business, this may just be my most exciting discovery yet.



29th September 2017 – location is Our Place at 949 Burke Road, Camberwell VIC

Participation by application only

This is a whole day workshop from 9am till 5pm and your investment is $695

Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide dates announced soon!

‘After 3 tours of Australia, New Zealand & Asia in 2017, I have changed, not just as a person but in understanding what my greatest strengths are when coaching. The deeper I go the more intimate I want the size & quality of my workshops to be.  I want those attending to leave feeling they have experienced something special & a giant shift in the beautiful  Art of Presenting.

With a maximum of 6 people per 8 hour workshop, each person will have the time and space to truly grow over the duration & work not only in the theory, but more so in the practical most fitting to them being the unique piece of art that they are.

We’ll explore the foundation of a truly connected Presenter by aligning our Hearts, Brains & Intuition.  When we shift our Presenting from our Heads to our Hearts, we will never be lost for words again.  We connect at a level technically sound Presenters cannot & we do it in such an effortless way, we will never want to go back to ‘Performing’ again.

Once upon a time I was a carefree child, blessed with a vivid imagination running around the fields of Otaio; a tiny country town in New Zealand.

After the unfortunate discovery that I could no longer be a child, my imagination and desire to challenge the conventional still plays a large part in my adult life. I’m Andrew Eggelton, a modern day System Disruptor, Author, TV Presenter, Actor, Speaker, Award winning Producer & my inner child is a Rebel

Now in my 40’s and with over 20 years in the entertainment industry, working with names such as Ryan Gosling and Michael J Fox, I get immense joy by nurturing Business People, Artists & Entrepreneurs to reach their fullest potential by alleviating fears, allowing them to discover their X Factor and bringing back the power of play. My mission is to deliver world-class coaching; installing a sense of confidence & play so that anyone can perform at levels they had never thought possible in their careers and everyday life.

My intuitive coaching approach, one on one or workshops has been utilized all over the world with humbling success. I treat each individual as a unique piece of art. No cookie cutter type of coaching will serve this individual as much as a specific and uniquely crafted approach. We have different blocks, we all learn via different training & feedback and we all perform at different levels of capability and confidence.

I love what I do and have the tools and insight to pass onto my clients; a solid foundation for them to work forward from. Above all, my intuitive nature enables me to bring out the best in those I’m lucky enough to work with.

I get a performance out of people they never thought possible. Once the masks and fear are removed we reach the layer of authenticity, and it is here that you can shift the hearts and minds of your audience. Speaking from here and learning how to create a story that taps into the human emotion is more powerful and will stay with your viewer long after the words have passed your lips. I help clients get super clear on their message and ensure they are doing less to make sure their audience is hearing more.

Once your inner self is showing in your message you and your business become one.
Each participant receives a workbook, a nurturing, safe place to ‘play’ and world class guidance to shift through the gears as the day progresses.


To deliver world class coaching installing a sense of play so that anyone can perform at levels they had never thought possible.


I have become REAL and AUTHENTIC in front of camera!

Thank you so much to Andrew Eggelton and his coaching services. You gave me the tools to unlock my mind & come across to camera authentic and genuine.

Andrew Eggelton is such a gentleman and he’s the real deal when it comes his teachings on how to present on camera.

Before working with Andrew 1 on 1, I had coaching from other other companies but Andrews attention to detail was far superior. He got me the results I needed and that is all that truly matters.

Before our session I came across as incongruent with my thought, words and actions. I was trying too hard to impress people and that was my problem. Andrew got me to relax, believe in myself and share my message in a real conversational way.

I highly suggest that you work with Andrew, he will take you to the next level in you presenting skills very quickly. His level of expertise are extremely superior to anything I have ever seen before.

I will definitely be working with you in the future. I cannot thank you enough.

If you are reading this and sitting on the fence. Take the plunge and make the investment in yourself it will be the best decision you have ever made when it comes to your video / presenting skills.

If you have any questions about my coaching experience with Andrew feel free to contact me.

Andrew Mioch


One of the biggest challenges we can experience when there is camera in front of us is being natural and not shaking like a leaf as we feel like the world is judging us on how badly we may or may not perform while sharing our story. Another challenge is remembering what to share as our nerves seem to block any memory of any form of script that may have been there before that dreaded camera showed up. Without any doubt, with all the support I provided as I guide others to create amazing videos as part of the iLAB program for entrepreneurs, all this has now turned from a challenge to absolute fun through the guidance and coaching from Andrew Eagleton. His style and ability to coach even those that I questioned would stand up and deliver from their heart, is beyond extraordinary. There is not one person that cannot be a shinning star while delivering once they have been through Andrew’s coaching and training. I cannot brag about him enough as he has certainly made my life easier as a Global Lead Facilitator of one of the Worlds top entrepreneurial programs. You rock Andrew Eggelton!

Terri Billington

iLAB Global Lead Facilitator

From the moment I heard Andrew being interviewed on a podcast, I knew I had to attend his workshop. His authentic, relaxed manner of speaking from his heart revealed his wealth of learnings and experience. I loved hearing about the benefits of play into presentations. I completed his one day training and was totally enriched by the inspirational and practical approach to guiding us all through. I learnt so much through his gentle and supportive challenge to step outside of each of our comfort zones. What a gift of a day. I learnt pearls of wisdom as he took each participant through our presentations in front of the camera, and in front of our live audience. My unexpected bonus was I gained greater clarity about my message. I wanted a two day training after this day! No one wanted to leave!

Anita Bentata

Speaker, Author of The Wolf in a Suit, Workshop Facilitator, on domestic violence, love and community.

Andrew takes each class by the scruff of the neck and immediately sets about creating an atmosphere where the talent can work with total freedom. His ability to get the absolute best from each individual comes from an intuitive nature, where he understands each person is completely different in type and background then tailors his approach and feedback accordingly.

He has a gift for getting the most out of a class, for everyone to feel like they have X factor and that performing is their chance to play.

Melanie Radford-Brown

Owner, Portfolio Models

Andrews classes are great, they build your confidence and help you deliver each line with the right amount of performance and inflection. He creates a relaxed positive atmosphere where everyone is involved without pressure. Andrew gives feedback that’s spontaneous and tailored to each individual, he has the expertise and insight to know just what will improve each performance on the spot. Andrew’s goal is to improve performance no matter what your starting level and he does this with admirable skill, encouragement and passion.

Leah Morgan


I resonated easily with Andrew’s platform of storytelling in my presentations. He explained it so effortlessly, and provided me with some valuable tips and strategies to get my video exploration off the ground. I can’t wait to start playing with this medium, and look forward to making great new connections with my clients.

Andrea Dixon


The course with Andrew was definitely worth my while. It was a good reminder of many things. To be reminded to turn up, not take opportunities for granted & make the most of them. I felt motivated to try harder and to put in more work to impress during auditions. I get really nervous doing those classes but Andrew was very real, open and uplifted every ones performance. He is a blimmen beast! I enjoyed going over the voice exercises and reading and breaking down how to say different words etc. I would recommend his classes to everyone, they are really refreshing, and if he is back in the country and runs another class I would love to take part.

Louise Tyson

Our Talent at Clyne have thoroughly enjoyed working with Andrew in his workshops and have found him both knowledgeable, directional & very intuitive in his approach. Our talent have thoroughly enjoyed Andrew’s ability to make them feel safe and bring out their fullest potential.

It has been a pleasure watching our people grow, and from where they began versus where they have ended up in a relatively short period of time has been great to see.”

Marama Nicholas


What a warm, skilled, and inspiring camera coach! After only two sessions, Andrew brought me to a significantly new level of confidence with my video script. He helped me more consistently experience what it feels like to drop fear and speak my heart on camera. Of course, camera-readiness is a skill of which I need plenty more practice, but Andrew has forever impacted my filming confidence”.

Cyndi McCoy