Welcome once again to the Journey of a Presenter, suitably named The ‘Presenters Journey’.

I have chunked my value model, which I call The Presenter’s Journey, into 5 different stages and in this article I will talk you through the second level, the most common mistakes people make at this level and share 3 simple tips that can move to the next.

The Presenter’s Journey

In my previous Blog I wrote about the first level called CONFIDENCE.

The second level, I’ve very cunningly called “CLARITY

Once confident, here is where you want to tell your story but you’re confused about what this looks like. You don’t know how to make your story sharp so that your audience walks away clear on what you delivered. You’re still unsure how to engage without trying to offer too much value, or in most cases, simply over talk (I would also call this waffle).

During the area of CLARITY you lack the understanding to speak your message to an audience because you just don’t know yourself yet.  It’s likely you don’t know who they are or what do they need from you?

Without a clear message your audience loses interest and really doesn’t know if you’re speaking to them.

Here are some of the most common mistakes made at this stage, so you can identify if this is you. Following this, I will show you 3 ways in which I can help you move forward:

Clarity event image


  • You waffle and repeat yourself.
  • You’re not clear on your key message or story.
  • To be fair, you might not even know how to communicate to people about what you do. (Especially if your business is hard to explain – spiritual)
  • You don’t know what message or story to run with.
  • You don’t know how to create your story.
  • You lose your audience and they are unsure why they’re listening and what’s in it for them.
  • There is no clear call to action for your audience.

Now, let’s look at 3 ways which can take you to the level of COLOURING:

  • Get crystal clear on your story before you start so you can communicate effectively and with engagement so your audience relates to you.
  • Understand why your audience would be interested, how each video has to help solve a problem for them, so, why are they watching? What are they getting from this?
  • Learn to say less so you’re actually saying more, by being more effective with your communication. MORE IS LESS!  If you allow your brain to lead the way instead of the mouth you will be more specific and effective with your words.

That’s the second level of my value model that I call CLARITY. Getting clear about what want from your audience is a process that needs you to try something new. The key is to say less so you end up having more clarity in your presentation.

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