The Presenters 3 Primary and Secondary Elements

It’s not a surprise that I talk about the flow of energy when Presenting, especially when speaking to a live Audience.  The Heart of Presenting is your speaker’s Brain, Heart and Intuition aligned.

Often the beginning of a workshop or speaking opportunity can be a little strange in its feeling, we’re discovering both ourselves and the audience in this space and to be fair, the audience is actually in these first few minutes, judging you.  This is just human behaviour and once you don’t take this personally and let it go, the faster you can get into the good stuff.

I work tirelessly to be self-aware, so I can intentionally allow my audience in, so they can ‘feel’ me and that it’s ok to let their guard down and play too.  The more open I become during the process, the more the energy flows.  Effectively, my audience will only go as deep or as far as I’m willing to go myself.

Imagine this, when you’re on stage, there is an exchange of energy. I call this flow, as I imagine the energy is coming from the audience and then I’m allowing it to wash through me and then send it back.  If we’re vulnerable and open, It becomes a nonstop exchange, and with this energy flow comes the ‘feeling,’ the one where we’re able to start feeling what each other’s going though moment to moment.  Yes, it can be unnerving at times, but it is a divine power when accepted.

This moment to moment ability to let your audience in and feel is the exact thing that allows us to understand what needs to be said or done in that very present moment.  By ignoring this flow, by not being able to work moment to moment with your audience needs, you’re not truly connecting, and without doubt, missing opportunities to shift hearts and minds by giving them precisely what they need, right there in that moment.

Power points, well-rehearsed talks, and rigid presentations can very often lead the ‘Speaker’ down the path of which the audience stops or never even started responding.  With no awareness to ‘feel’ into the audience, you’re effectively, Presenting blind.  This is what I would call the potential speakers ‘train wreck’.  The speaker, being the leading engine not only goes off the rails but takes all the cabins with them.  I cant say this enough, Prepare, Prepare, Prepare and then let it go!  Work moment to moment, allowing yourself to adjust to the needs of the audience.  This is not about you, the speaker, for you’re simply the creative vehicle.  There is no ‘win’ in patting yourself on the back for getting through another presentation unless you have created a shift in those you’re Presenting to.

On stage, you are the Thought Leader, the authority and the facilitator of creating the feeling within the room.  Some people do ‘exercises’ to bond. However, I choose to, as fast as I can, create an exchange and flow of energy that creates a bond, that although is not physically seen, is, without doubt, felt at a deep level.  The follow-on from this is a sense of trust, authenticity, raw power and the best part; you added real value.

As the speaker, we’re responsible for being the example of which we speak of.  This is a beautiful gift, although perhaps some may feel its overwhelming.  The irony is not lost on me that when I’m talking about connecting, being vulnerable, the example of which I speak of and great at Presenting, then I must embody this.  I have allowed myself to use this as my challenge for growth and accept the responsibility.  I now embrace and flourish within its space.

Remember, our audience will only go as far or as deep as you’re prepared to go yourself in the environment that you’ve invited them into.  You’re the leader, the example of a ‘follow me’ if you choose to, and not a leader who talks the talk but does not walk the walk.  Align your thoughts, words, and actions with what you teach.

I’m Andrew Eggelton, a modern-day System Disruptor, Writer, Artist, TV Presenter, Speaker and my inner child is a Rebel. My mission is to deliver world-class coaching; installing a sense of play so that anyone can perform at levels they had never thought possible in their careers and everyday life. With over 20 odd years in the entertainment industry including working in Films, TV Series, Hosting major events and winning numerous international awards along the way, it’s time to share my gift and help people become the kings of their thoughts.