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Hi, I’m Andrew Eggelton and I help TV Presenters, Actors, Models & Professional Speakers to always perform at the top of their game in front of the camera or live audience. I do this to assist them in taking their passion and chosen career to a whole new level.

Success in this industry is hard work and I know the challenges you face. It’s not easy to be yourself in front of the camera or a live audience when you are worried about how you look, what you sound like, being yourself or forgetting your lines.

I live for presenting and I love teaching my techniques and seeing the artists craft improve immediately. You see, being in front of the camera didn’t come easy for me either, but I knew inside I had what it took to be successful. Initially I was self-conscious and full of negative blocks. Breakthroughs came with practice and learning to play, I learnt this through a foundation of experimenting that allowed me to build the confidence to be myself.

I decided early on that I wanted to live a life doing what I loved. I had dreams and learned pretty fast that I wasn’t going to settle for anything short of achieving them. My curiosity to be a TV presenter was fuelled by watching the greats, and I was inspired by those such as David Attenborough growing up. I loved how he seemed to do away with technique and simply owned his time in front of the camera with an alluring presence.

As a full-time Actor and TV Presenter coming on two decades, I’ve shot over 150 TV commercials, and too many corporate videos, music videos and TV shows to count. I’ve taken my passion seriously and have been rewarded with a career doing what I love.

I’ve worked hard to become super comfortable in front of the camera by training on a regular basis internationally in Los Angeles, Sydney, Melbourne and London and working hard to gain more experience to find new ways to play. In return I can now pass this onto others. In fact I can guarantee there will be immediate improvement in your performance within our first session together.

The choice is yours. Do you want to continue to struggle in a career that you are so passionately drawn to? The world of presenting has changed and just like any industry it evolves. These days the most successful people in TV, film or on stage are those that have the ability to show their personality and play no matter who their audience is. They are magnets and audiences are drawn to watch and listen to every word they say.

The biggest mistake I see time and time again are those that think they can make it in this industry on their own. There is no way I would have been so successful if I didn’t look for the best teachers, opportunities and mentorship from those who inspired me. Every audition is a doorway for you to reach your ultimate success, and nailing each opportunity is crucial.

The fact that you are reading this and surfing this site shows me that you take your career pretty seriously. It really gets my fire going to work with people who are prepared to live and work through the fear they create for themselves, because I know creating your own path and living your unique dream can be intimidating and lonely…but it’s worth it; because once you’ve experienced it, you can’t turn your back on the truth or choose the alternative.

So I want you to do something for me. Grab a pen and paper and write down your three biggest fears about performing in front of the camera or live audience. Now I want you to imagine what your career and life would be like if these no longer existed.

Let’s do this.