Are you one to play on the sidelines as it feels like on the field, or in the game is a tad too serious? To be fair you’re not the only one but let me ask you, how is it working for you?

Each day your creative being or inner child is dying to come and play, just like when you were a child and for hours on end for no reason at all you played, it’s the same now. Take that child and attitude into adulthood and you will see the results immediately.

Your inner child is your creative being and if you don’t use it you lose it…actual fact! I coach the shit out of my clients to play, play & play some more. Treat your audition, your video blog, your speaking gig or job as an opportunity to engage with your inner child and have some fun.

See how much better it feels? See how much more you engage the audience and those around you? See how much easier it is to approach these challenges once you start doing this…you will be surprised how excited you get when opportunities come up that allow you to have fun. And surely that’s a better head space to be in than one or stress or anxiety.