Life by Design Packages

The Design practice takes you from where you are currently to a life you have, until now, only dared dream of.

‘Be the person you need to be to have the life you have always wanted’

What we will cover in The Design Practice This is for the person who’s feeling frustrated with their current situation, going around in the hamster wheel of the working system and feels like there is more out there for them. Life doesn’t have to work like this and this is where this truly unique ongoing practice takes you from going through the motions to making life work for you.

Firstly, we work on what kind of life you actually can have and want. Then we work on the person you need to be to have that. We take away the power of the fear and resistance you will meet along this journey and show you how to keep adding to the person you need to be along the way so you are always perpetually growing towards your dream life.

One:One $250.00 for one 60 minute session

Let’s get started and in this One:One I’ll give you the tools to move forward with the Design Practice Life By Design. I’ll help you understand how this works and get you started by creating your vision and showing you the person you need to be to attain this.

Package: 3-month Design Practice $2800.00

Over 12 weeks we will work through the ongoing Design Practice of “Life By Design”. From the 1st week of laying out the process and how it works to 11 more follow ups where we refine your vision, gain exceptional clarity and work on ‘The Person You Need To Be’ to get there because simply put, we get what we are, not what we want. This is a truly unique practice that you will incorporate into your daily lives, each day, becoming the person you need to be to have the life you truly want.