Getting down with going deep, sounds all very cryptic doesn’t it or perhaps its one of those ‘catchy’ headers that people use these days that normally lead to an underwhelming read. Lets trust that for now, this is neither of those. I want to look at how we as people grow, into the best possible versions of ourselves. I identify two main areas, one is via paid learning, that being coaching, reading or help from others and the second being though challenging periods where Mother Earth does her own teaching…as most will acknowledge this is not always pretty! I feel that for those of us who choose to be the best version of ourselves we are then constantly asking Mother Earth to provide us with the required learning’s to take us through the next stage of our lives. I speak this with confidence, for it is these lessons while living here in Bali that constantly present themselves to me. I cannot hide from them; Bali has a very incredible yet sometimes brutal way of showing us what we need. One thing is for sure; subtlety is not her best side.

Here is my grand observation though & the very point of this article. How many of us actually stop and let the learning happen when we are asked to? Actually stop, listen, process and take on board the new lesson? Is it just me or do most people simply try to ignore it and keep on keeping on, working away as if nothing is changing because that is what we have been taught to do right? Lets ignore the obvious change in our feelings because we are far too busy to deal with that stuff. Most of us don’t want to give into the learning’s that, you, yourself, actually asked for. ‘Oh the timing isn’t right, I have too much on’ or you simply don’t want to deal with it. Well get this fellow people, this beautiful thing we cannot totally get our head around called Mother Earth (For lack of a better word to describe this higher source) doesn’t care what you are doing right not, for her its irrelevant.

I’m now in my 40’s and have only just realized that when this calls I actually now need to stop what I’m doing and listen. For me this is to pull back on work, clients and any other distractions and allow myself to take on board the lesson being presented no matter how pretty or ugly the journey. Pulling back on clients takes trust by the way, for I know that with the new knowledge that I’ll have I will not only attract more but I’ll be of much more value. If I want to be the best man I can be and of course, be able to be a great coach then I need to take on board the things that are here to help create me into this. How can I authentically coach others when myself is not in order? Would you not prefer a coach who has gone through the stuff others choose not to so he/she can pass on this knowledge to you?

Now, if I choose to ignore and work though it what do you think will happen? Of course, I will create the ever-popular human disorder of having to learn the same thing over and over again until a pain point is so strong I beg to listen and move forward. I’ve been here and you can rest assured it sucks and there is no need to go there. So, I ask, do you want to stay in the hamster wheel or will you perhaps acknowledge that these challenging times, of which I prefer to call gifts, are there to serve us, not destroy us and when we fully allow the process to take place we become incredibly enlightened, fuller and better equipped people.

Andrew Eggelton