It’s been one hell of a ride over the last week and one period of my life that will serve me for many years to come. A thirst for learning and to understand how I operate best and how I best serve others has been a revelation. I’m an intuitive person and coach who it seems is only coming to grips with what that actually means and more importantly, how it works. So this morning I’m going to leave you with this…something I pieced together while sitting in a state of heart felt ‘knowing’.

Your dreams are your reality. What if I told you that one didn’t have to stomach what wasn’t true for you? What if you could embrace the unknown and trust that we have a built in navigation system that will take us in the right direction if, and only if you learn to listen to its subtle whisper?

What if I told you that all that is important is being in the right state of mind now, this very moment, over and over again, feeling and seeing what you want. And then in all it’s curious power, the mind will take care of the HOW.

What would happen and what would your life look like if you knew and trusted this?