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Tuition package – Become a playful pro

How I coach

I’m an intuitive coach, I have an on-point understanding of what an individual person needs to flourish and step up through their self-made barriers. I have developed a truly unique ongoing practice that will take you from where you are now to the grand vision in your head.

My clients learn in a very short period of time to operate at a higher level, taking on less pressure and instead using the opportunity to play and enjoy themselves. This is across the board from Speaking, Presenting to camera to Sales and being an Entrepreneur.

Who I coach

Entrepreneurs, TV Presenters, Public Speakers and those wanting to live a life they only dared to dream of. Step out from the normal and create the magnificent.

What I coach

Entrepreneurs & Corporate’s
I coach an ongoing practice called ‘Life By Design’ which take’s people from going through the motions to making life work for them. “Life By Design’ is about becoming the person you need to be to have the life you truly want.

I install a sense of purpose & play into every client I coach. I help them understand the importance of the inner child being able to play in their work so they can bring more joy to their own world and that of their clients. I offer my extensive range of tools and experience to help people through blocks, to teach them the technical aspect of what their doing, however my specialty is in the area of intuition of which enables me to get a lot more specific and deeper into my clients needs.