Coaching Packages


A one time, 1 hour Presenting kick starter..

AUD$ 190.00
A 1-hour session where we get out the jumper leads and kick start your Presenters Engine


AUD$1875.00 – 5 hours to be used as needed

Create a specific Video for your website, perhaps your first one for social media or to launch a product. Everyone from a CEO to a laptop entrepreneur, this package is for you. We can work the whole 5 hours at once or spread them out as required. We can build your copy; learn how to lift the words off the page by creating colour, peaks & troughs and even direct your performance. With the 5 total hours, we will finish with a product you’re confident is a great reflection of you and your business.
& Access to private FB group for mentoring and ongoing help


AUD$400 per hour

Quick top ups
Nailing an upcoming opportunity.
Specific auditions
Specific Presentations
Help with a video including Copy, the Performance and Direction


AUD$1875.00 – 5 hours over 5 weeks
3 x PAYMENT AUD $650.00

Confidence in your Presentation Package
We are unique pieces of art and it’s important our Presentations and Videos reflect this, so create a one of a kind.

We work hard to create opportunities that put our brand forward and allow others to see who we really are. It’s essential you stand out and look back with a sense of satisfaction.

First, you must be prepared so you can make that impact.

Whether it’s presenting your message to Camera or Speaking to a crowd Live, you must be prepared. And being prepared is having the tools and know how to perform when you need to the most with a sense of clarity and confidence.

Things we can cover are The Art of Playing, Re-Framing how you approach the opportunity, Voice, Colouring your Words, Your X Factor, Authenticity & Story Telling.
& Access to private FB group for mentoring and ongoing help

1 x PAYMENT AUD $1895


3 x PAYMENT AUD $417.00

Payments will be charged upon sign up and then 3 and 6 weeks after that.