So, what do you fear most about speaking to the camera? While facing a camera I’m sure that for many the brain goes into fight or flight mode, the invisible threat of doubt emerges in your head. This feeling can be the result of fear of being judged or your own perception of looking ‘silly’, or it may be you don’t like the sound of your voice or not sure how to stand out from the crowd on camera (It also doesn’t help that the camera doesn’t give you any feedback). What if you stumble on your words and forget what to say? It may be that you want to share who you are authentically and this will backfire. But…let’s get realistic, most of your doubts are not yours, they are of others who choose to voice theirs and you have taken them on board.
Most people also are scared of trapping a moment of time on camera and sending it out to be viewed and judged, or not even being watched at all! But what’s worse, letting the fear of failure take over or not actually using an incredible tool to get you and your message out there? Surely if you’re an entrepreneur, businessperson or speaker you have a story worth hearing?
So, What if you could overcome these fears and actually learn to enjoy it?

Even the best artist had a beginning point. Here is a little secret, my first time on TV on a music show I made my co-presenter cry! Now I travel the world Presenting and Coaching Presenters. Not a bad turn around huh?

Here are 5 things that can turn you around and create content via video that people actually watch!

#1 – Be authentic

You must believe that you’re a unique piece of art and that is your advantage. Right there you have an ACE card by just being you. When you speak, we want to see you and who you are…it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes, bring you and all of you to the performance. One trick is to talk off camera first and then gently turn to the camera lens and carry on talking…naturally, start to deliver your message. When you start to become yourself on camera and know how to use your voice (As mentioned below) every word will resonate within when it passes your lips. Being authentic also means dropping the act. When you wear the masks, or start to ‘perform’ you will lose the ability to touch people and shift their hearts and minds.

#2 – Mindset – It’s actually fun, so just PLAY!

This isn’t life or death, in fact, it can be quite fun when you get used to it. As mentioned before, just be you and relax into it. Re-frame those nerves and approach it as an opportunity to play like you did as a child. Remember that, when you just played like nobody was watching? Be that big kid…enjoy the time filming.

#3 – VOICE is the most powerful tool you have.

If anything gets me by, when I am not feeling it, it’s my voice! I can’t even overstate this, it’s that important. The voice can create depth and flow, it can lift words off the paper and can make the most simple of messages seem as though it’s the most exciting thing ever. Your voice can bring color to words and pull in your viewer. Your voice, even though 99% of people don’t like their own is your most powerful tool. It’s taken me years to enjoy and master my voice, to be able to bring life to words, not just on video but in every day life.

If your voice is the most powerful tool, do you think it’s worth investing in? Perhaps hire a voice coach for a couple of sessions? This is great value to enable you to get out of, as I call it, the dreaded ‘death zone’ when you speak. This is the area of monotone that loses an audiences engagement.

#4 – Remember you’re telling a story, so be a STORY TELLER

Yes, if you’re making a video then you’re now a storyteller! Every story has a beginning, middle and an end. What are you going to talk about? Tell us so we can choose to watch or not. Who are you? Then the middle, which is now tell us about it! What are you telling us, what problem are you solving for us, or what are you giving away. The END is vital, have a place you know where to close on…this could be your call to action or punch line. Also having a close or end enables you to relax in the knowing you have a safe place in mind to finish.

#5 – Organize your CONTENT

Bullet points are not over rated and the worst advice your friends or colleagues will give you is ‘just wing it’! I hear people telling me they just wing it and that works for them because it is more organic. I whole heartily believe this is death to the viewer, all but a few exceptions aside. Winging it may be organic but waffle simply does not work.

I love to make a few points on paper before I talk and then hit them with confidence, knowing exactly where I am going and how I am going to close the video. This gives me the direction I need and ensures my message is super clear, I don’t waffle or go blank.

Andrew Eggelton