‘Presenting is a doing and even more than that, it’s a feeling.

I show people how to get to this feeling, to recognise what it feels like and then to seek this each time they work.

It’s my observation, that once someone experiences this connection to their audience, they will never go back to the way they worked before’.


I’m Andrew Eggelton, a modern day System Disruptor, Writer, Artist, TV Presenter, Speaker and my inner child is a Rebel. My mission is to deliver world-class coaching; installing a sense of play so that anyone can perform at levels they had never thought possible in their careers and everyday life. With over 20 odd years in the entertainment industry including working in Films, TV Series, Hosting major events and winning numerous international awards along the way, it’s time to share my gift and help people become the kings of their thoughts.

Welcome to what I’ve appropriately named – The Play Room. My website dedicated to my two areas of Coaching which are PRESENTING TO CAMERA & LIVE SPEAKING, a practice to take you from where you are now to where you dare dream to be, by understanding a mixture of how your mind works and how the Universe can serve you.

I’ve called it The Playroom as it’s a place where we’re uniquely reminded, through my coaching, to play, to reframe how we look at our opportunities, where I nurture artists to reach their fullest potential by alleviating fears and bringing back the power of play. My intuitive coaching approach to one-on-one or workshops for artists, public speakers, TV presenters and business people alike has been utilised all over the world with humbling success.

I simply get a kick out of what I do.

By choosing how you wish to take that next step is as simple as picking the page of PRESENTING AND SPEAKING.

Why do people choose to work with me?

Clients choose to work with me for a number of reasons, one being that my coaching business is an extension of who I am as a person, I don’t hide behind my business. I am there, holding the space as authentically as I know how. Another is that I fully understand that each artist, entrepreneur or businessperson is a unique piece of art. No cookie cutter coaching will serve this individual as much as a specific and uniquely crafted approach. We have different blocks, we all learn via different training & feedback and we all perform at different levels of capability and confidence. I get this, and when coaching, I’m constantly tailoring my feedback and language to you as an individual.

Let me tell you what I think success is

You see if you are doing something every day to play, to nurture the inner child, to be curious and fill that cup of joy back up, do you think it will overflow into making others feel good around you? How do you think It will affect your state of mind? Do you think your clients will pick up on it? What about your family & friends, in fact, forget the old friends, let’s talk future new friends?

You see, sometimes we don’t even choose the best to work do we. We choose the person who we want to be around that brings joy into our lives. Now, imagine if you were the best & you brought joy to people’s lives too? Now, that’s true success!

Success is turning up for yourself every day doing what you desire to do that allows you to share your passion, purpose and gifts with others and have lasting positive impact on this earth.

Honestly, if I had $1 for every person I had taken out of the 9-5 system to living their purpose driven life, I could buy a really cool mountain bike.

When we have the WHAT then the HOW works itself out.